6 Things we learned from the Backsplash

6 Things we learned from the Backsplash
  1. Tiling around light switches. We thought we did a great job of making sure we left enough room for the light switches to be screwed back in — we have some room for improvement. Not a huge deal, will take a little bit of extra time to drill holes into the tile.

    Use Bosch 1/8″ Carbide Tipped Drill Bit to slowly drill into the tile.
  2. Patience. It is going to take you 3x longer than you think it will take to to make the exact cut you need.
  3. Pre-Mixed Materials. We used pre-mixed thinset and grout. Saved a ton of time and you knew you had the right level of consistency.
  4. Presealed Grout. The grout we used is already sealed, which saved us a ton of time at the end of the project.
  5. Patterned tiles aren’t easy. We laid 1/3 of the backsplash in the time it took my dad to make the cuts for the design over the range.
  6. Planning. Spend the time up front to lay everything out and make sure you like the flow before laying tile.
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Tiling the Backsplash

Tiling the Backsplash

Take a deep breath – its time to tile this b.

Before you dive into tiling, you should lay out the design to make sure the beginning and the end of the tile is the look that you want. We played around with different size tile spacers and layout before landing on our look. I couldn’t decide on the finished edge. Long story short, there are two options for your finished edge – bullnose (rounded edge) or Dural (metal/sharp edge).

We ended up going with bullnose because you get the softer edge (and “the metal edge can sometimes look tacky”- Jay).

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Backsplash Inspiration

We’ve have been all over the place with Design ideas for our backsplash. From Mexican Tiles to White Subway and everything in between. Here’s some of the inspiration we’ve been digging.

Mexican Tile:
How fun are these tiles? If/when we fully gut our kitchen, I would love to do something over the range, similar to the grey cement tiles. The hesitation would be that we wouldn’t love it for how much work it would be to change.