Scope Creep and Failure

We have a linen closet that I’ve wanted to update the hardware on since the day we moved in. Thought it would be a quick change out, once I picked out the hardware. That moment is where I went wrong.

I found that DIY’ers (can I even call myself that !?!) only ever show you the super positive side of doing things themselves – and I’m here to tell you the 9180298 trips to Home Depot or 10 weeks it took us to finish something. So sit on back and listen to this funny story of insane scope creep.

  1. Realizing the previous homeowner’s holes were not 3″ apart.
  2. Once I took the cabinets off the hinges, I could see horribly they were painted.
  3. Didn’t realize how hard it was to accurately drill hardware holes.