Potato Stamp

Potato Stamp

For our Welcome Bags I had a vision of a stamped “E” on a Kraft Bag. I searched the internet high and low and couldn’t find a stamp large enough to make an impact on the bags.

Step 1. Print off the “E”.  Using our font – Bembo – I printed off a bunch of different sizes.  I settled on one I thought would look substantial on the bags.

Step 2. Using Scissors, cut the “E” out of the paper to make it into a stencil.

“E” Traced in the Potato

Step 3. Make a cut horizontally about 1/3 of the way into the potato – large enough that it would fit your stencil.

Step 4. Flip the stencil around so that it is mirror imaged.

Step 5. Use something sharp with a pointed end (pen, skewer, or anything else you feel comfortable with) to trace the stencil to make an outline of what you need. Remove the stencil.

Step 6. Use a knife to cut out the negative space of the stencil. Clean it up and it’s ready to go!

Finished Stamp

Use the Stencil:
-Paint the stencil and press onto the item you’d like to paint (making sure the stencil is positioned correctly).
-Repeat as many times as needed

Dan Stewart Photography

Materials Needed:
– Russet Potato
– Knife
– Paint
– Paint Brush

This is a great project to make with kids (depending on their age would obviously impact how much they can help with making the stamp).

Have you made a potato stamp before?

How to Design your Own Menu and Programs

How to Design your Own Menu and Programs

I spent a lot of time with Minted building out our wedding invitations and felt that I could handle our paper suite as a DIY project. I wanted them to compliment the invitation suite, but not be too matchy-matchy.

Step 1. I played around with some water color paints I had at the house – and painted a simple line (in a similar color to our invitations).

Step 2. Used a color photo scanner to scan the painting onto my computer. I opened the PDF, copied the image and pasted into Word (Microsoft Word that is). From here on out will only be poor man’s editing – so bear with me.

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Wedding Invite Wording

Wedding Invite Wording

When searching for wedding invites, I think it is very important to pick the correct wording. I broke this down into two camps: Traditional and Modern. The Knot has a ton of articles that will break down all the different situations you could encounter when designing your wedding suite.


Mr and Mrs Bride’s Parents Name
Requests the Honor of your Presence
At the Wedding of their Daughter
Bride’s Name (First and Middle)
Groom’s Name (First, Middle & Last)

Wedding Date – Spelled Out (Saturday, the 21st of July)
Year – Spelled Out (Two Thousand Nineteen)
Time – Spelled Out (Half Past Three O’Clock in the Afternoon)

Ceremony Location
City and State of Ceremony Location

Examples: Minted is my favorite vendor for paper goods, so obviously all of my examples are from there 🙂

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Watercolor Escort Cards

Watercolor Escort Cards

I may be a psycho, but there are a few things I’ve known I wanted to incorporate into our wedding since day one. For plated meals, your venue/caterer will need to know which individual requested which meal type. Some people choose

To keep with our wedding suite (or maybe our wedding suite was built off this idea), I painted watercolor stripes on each escort card. The watercolor stripes tied into our fully Paper Suite (keep your eye out for details for our suite) Paper Source has great blank escort card options.


Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. I’ve broken it down into easily digestible buckets.

What do y’all want: Step 1 is sitting down with your partner to talk through what you both want for the day. Once the two of you are on the same page (Summer/Winter, Small/Large, Casual/Formal, Local/Destination, little details that really matter to each of you), it’s a great idea to paint the picture for your parents early on in the process.

Budget: Once you’ve established how much you, your partner and/or parents are willing to spend on this party – create your budget. The Knot App has a great Budget tool, enter in your overall number and it will breakdown what you should spend withing each category (i.e. Food and Beverage, Band/DJ, Photographer, Transportation, etc).

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