Master Bathroom Inspiration

Master Bathroom Inspiration

We’re just getting back from New Orleans and I’m full of inspiration for our Master Bathroom renovation. The city is filled with a mixture of vintage, modern and traditional and I love every second of it. I’ve pulled together my inspiration and a few achievable looks for our Master Bathroom. But first, you’ve gotta see the current state.

Functionally, I’d like to turn the half wall by the toilet into a pocket door with a transom (to allow more natural light into the room). Inspiration: Stained Glass Window or Transoms Direct TR-1.

For the window textiles, I think it would look like to install a cafe curtain rod. Will allow us privacy, but provide the most amount of light.


Look 1.
Vanity – Design Element London 84″ White Double Sink
Lowe’s – $2,199
Wayfair – $2,800
Toilet – Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet – Home Depot – $349
Wood Beam – Maple Faux Wood Beam – 3 in – Lowe’s $134
Faucet – Antique Brass Faucet – Amazon – $58
Floor: White Matte Hexagon Porcelain – Floor & Decor – $4.97/sq ft
Shower: Ceramic 3″ x 12″ Subway Tile – Lowe’s – $1.29/each
Accent Wall: Old Mill Thin Brick Systems Colonial Castle – Lowe’s – $61.26/Box of 50
Bradbury 3 3/4″ Bar Pull in Stain Brass- Wayfair – $9.46
Successi Round Knob in Stain Brass – Wayfair – $5.00
Shower Hardware – Kohler Shower Head- Vibrant Polished Nickel – Wayfair – $534.04

Look 2.
Vanity – Lexora Dukes – Lowe’s – $2,479
Mirror – Vintage Fixed Mirror [Chrome – 23″ x 35″] – Pottery Barn – $349/each
Toilet – Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet – Home Depot – $349
Tile –
Floor: White Herringbone Porcelain – Floor & Decor – $2.49/sq ft
Shower Walls: Marble Subway Tile in White 4 x 12″ – Wayfair – $10.59/sq ft.
Shower Floor: Hampton Carrara Cobble 12 x 12″ – The Tile Shop – $19.99/sq ft.
Shower Hardware:
Kohler Shower Head – Polished Nickel – Wayfair – $109.28
Kohler Cross Handle for Thermostatic Valve – Polished Nickel – Wayfair – $319.35

Look 3.
Vanity – Whatman Barn Furniture – Etsy – $2,195
Toilet – Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet – Home Depot – $349
Tile –
Floor: Bella Picasso Blanco – The Tile Bar – $7.99/sq ft
Shower Walls: Villa Artisan Oyster Ceramic Subway Tile – Floor & Decor – $1.29/each
Shower Floor: Eden Antiguan Sky Penny Tile – The Tile Bar – $10.50/sq ft
Shower Hardware – Kohler Cross Shower Head – Vibrant Brushed Nickel – Wayfair – $534.03
Faucet – Kohler Widespread Faucet – Vibrant Brushed Nickel – Wayfair – $576.64

Look 4.
Vanity – Mason Double Sink Vanity – Pottery Barn – $3699
Mirror – Vanity Pivot Mirror [Antique Bronze – 27″ x 35″] – Pottery Barn – $349/each
Toilet – Kohler Memoirs Stately Toilet – Home Depot – $349
Tile –
Floor: Star and Cross Tile – Fireclay Tile – $35/sq ft
Shower Walls: Terra Cotta Subway Tile in White – Wayfair – $11.59/sq ft
Shower Hardware – Kohler Shower Head- Vibrant Polished Nickel – Wayfair – $534.04
Faucet – Kohler Purist Widespread Faucet – Vibrant Polished Nickel Wayfair – $723.11

Do you have a favorite look?!?!

Bedroom Door Inspiration

Our home is a 1940’s bungalow, and it may sound strange – but we don’t have bedroom door. The previous owners had a dutch door installed – assuming to use as a baby/animal gate – however it doesn’t feel functional for us.

However, the need for a door is real. Let me take you through a few scenarios:
1) I’m making dinner at home alone and the smoke detector in our stairwell continuously goes off (mostly because I’m not a great cook – but you get the picture!)
2) One of us has friends over and are hanging out in our living room, you can hear every conversation if the other person is in the bedroom.
3) We leave for work at different times – it’s v hard to be quiet every morning (what if you want a smoothie?!?).

You get the picture – it’s time.

I’ve been saving up our Home Depot gift cards (I like to do this for big purchases, it makes the investment a little easier to digest) and dreaming of our bedroom door.

Before we make big investment or change in our home, I like to use the editor on my phone to draw out what it could potentially look like. (Bedroom Curtain Example)

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Oyster Balls

Oyster Balls

I got the inspiration for the Oyster Ball center pieces when we were visiting my in-laws in Florida years before we were engaged. My mother-in-law decorated their home in an elegant coastal theme and I’ve been in love with the idea of decorating with Oysters ever since.

I wracked my brain trying to come up with the execution to accomplish the look I was going for.


Scope Creep and Failure

We have a linen closet that I’ve wanted to update the hardware on since the day we moved in. Thought it would be a quick change out, once I picked out the hardware. That moment is where I went wrong.

I found that DIY’ers (can I even call myself that !?!) only ever show you the super positive side of doing things themselves – and I’m here to tell you the 9180298 trips to Home Depot or 10 weeks it took us to finish something. So sit on back and listen to this funny story of insane scope creep.

  1. Realizing the previous homeowner’s holes were not 3″ apart.
  2. Once I took the cabinets off the hinges, I could see horribly they were painted.
  3. Didn’t realize how hard it was to accurately drill hardware holes.

Updating Outdated Lighting

Updating Outdated Lighting

The light figures in our house are either vintage (and beautiful) or straight from the 90’s (and far less beautiful). While we search for the lights we want to buy to replace what we currently have, I needed to do something to make the fixtures a little better. Is it just me or once you see something you don’t like, you cant unsee it?!??

I took the silver pieces of the light fixtures off to spray paint. I didn’t really think through the final look I wanted and picked up a can of White Rustoleum Spray Paint. Once I sprayed on a few coats, the paint started to crackle (not the texture I was going for). So I sanded it down, went back to Home Depot and picked up the Behr Chalk Spray Paint.

The Chalk Spray Paint gives a nice matte look. A great, cheap (under $10) fix to update a light fixture.


Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom Curtains

It’s been a process, but I think our Bedroom may be the first room that feels “done” in our house. I’ve found that if I allow myself to live in a room and let the decor/ design grow with us, I tend to love it for a longer period of time.

The goal was functional, beautiful curtains Before making investments (or shopping and returning a bunch of products), I like to draw out what I’m envisioning on my iPhoto Editor (take a photo and “Edit” it by drawing your vision on the screen), here’s my photo below:

Curtain Rods. Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod – (2) 36 to 66 inches and (1) 66 to 120 inches
Drapery Hooks. Heavy Duty Offset Pin-On Hooks
Curtain Rings. Umbra Cappa Clip Rings
Curtains. Pottery Barn Cameron Pole – Pocket Curtains 50″ x 84″


Backyard Updates

Backyard Updates

It is amazing what 6 weeks and some elbow grease can do – (Left – Before; Right – After).

One day it hit me how out of control our fence and side yard was – so I decided to do something about it. I went into this thinking I would be able to knock it out in a weekend- anddd 6 weeks later I’m finally done. If you’re interested to see progress in video format, head over to InstaStories.


Potato Stamp

Potato Stamp

For our Welcome Bags I had a vision of a stamped “E” on a Kraft Bag. I searched the internet high and low and couldn’t find a stamp large enough to make an impact on the bags.

Step 1. Print off the “E”.  Using our font – Bembo – I printed off a bunch of different sizes.  I settled on one I thought would look substantial on the bags.

Step 2. Using Scissors, cut the “E” out of the paper to make it into a stencil.

“E” Traced in the Potato

Step 3. Make a cut horizontally about 1/3 of the way into the potato – large enough that it would fit your stencil.

Step 4. Flip the stencil around so that it is mirror imaged.

Step 5. Use something sharp with a pointed end (pen, skewer, or anything else you feel comfortable with) to trace the stencil to make an outline of what you need. Remove the stencil.

Step 6. Use a knife to cut out the negative space of the stencil. Clean it up and it’s ready to go!

Finished Stamp

Use the Stencil:
-Paint the stencil and press onto the item you’d like to paint (making sure the stencil is positioned correctly).
-Repeat as many times as needed

Dan Stewart Photography

Materials Needed:
– Russet Potato
– Knife
– Paint
– Paint Brush

This is a great project to make with kids (depending on their age would obviously impact how much they can help with making the stamp).

Have you made a potato stamp before?