Landscape Up-Lighting

Installing up-lighting on the exterior of your house is something that you can do in one night.

First, find your exterior outlet – then figure out how many areas/lights you’d like to highlight. Once you have your plan, head to your local hardware stores to pick up your materials. Install should take you less than 2 hours.

– Connect the Wire to your Low-Voltage Transformer (following the instructions included in the transformer)
– Insert lights into the ground where you’d like the up-lighting.
– Connect lights to the wire, following the instructions.
– Plug the Transformer in and make sure the lights work. Unplug the transformer to finish the following steps.
– Using wire cutters, cut the excess wire.
– Separate the wire. Grab your electrical tape, wrap each of the individual wires (using electrical tape).
This is where I got a little hung up, because I originally taped the wire without separating the two wires and the lights didn’t work.
– Plug the transformer back in (to make sure everything works)
– Mount the Transformer and Solar sensor to your home. I mounted ours behind our Boxwoods to keep it hidden.
– I set ours up to go on at Dusk and be lit for 7 hours – but you choose what’s right for you and your home.

Hampton Bay Low-Voltage 200-Watt Landscape Transformer
Landscape Lighting Wire (we needed less than 50 feet)
Hampton Bay LED Landscape Flood Light
Wire Stripper
– Screw Driver
– Drill with Bit to handle concrete

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