Staining the Deck

Y’all go grab a power washer, a few hours and stain your deck.

I’m still a little shocked at how much of a transformation it made. Some projects may be really expensive and take little time, other take a ton of time and cost a fraction.


Total Time: 8 Hours
2 hours Power Washing
1 hour Prepping and Sanding
5 hours Staining

1 Gallon of Stain and Sealer: $24.98
– 1 new paint brush: $8.98
– 1 Roller: ~$3
Total Cost: $37


Mid -Power Washing

1) Power wash the deck to remove all dirt and grime. You will need to do the boards and the spindles.
2) Our deck was old and had a good deal of age on it, so I hammed in all nails that were sticking out and hand sanded areas where we commonly got splinters.
3) Pick out your stain. I did some research before going to the store and liked the products that Lowe’s offered better. Due to the age of our deck, we went with a Semi- Transparent Stain. I wanted to make sure we bought a Stain and Sealer to save on time.
4) Wait for the perfect day to stain. You’ll need to make sure the deck is dry for 24 hours before staining and 48 hours after. For July in Michigan, I ended up having to wait 2 weeks.
5) Stain! I started with the hand rails and balusters first. Then I cut in the gaps between the decking. I don’t know if this is something you need to do, but I felt like it would provide better coverage. Finally, I rolled the remainder of the decking. It’s important to make sure the stain is getting good coverage and that all of the stain is absorbing in when you’re rolling.

Thompson’s Water Seal Signature Semi-Transparent Stain Timber Brown
Short Angel Stain Brush
Adjustable Extension Pole
Ryobi Power Washer, Similar

Cutting In
Finished Product

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