Kitchen Update – Phase 2

It’s been a full 18 months since we finished Phase 1 of our Kitchen Renovation (Raising our Upper Cabinets, Adding a Backslash and Purchasing new appliances)

We’re really digging the updates love the updates we’ve made, and are finally ready to make a few more changes after living in the space a little longer. There’s so much value in living in a space before making big changes. We’ve updated our plan for Phase 2 and it’s something I never would’ve thought of before being home for so long.

Phase 2 Ideas:

– Rearrange some of our uppers and add open shelves next to our sink.
– Hire an Electrician to move a 120 volt behind the range.
– Update paneling on the Peninsula
– Paint the Cabinets
– Update Cabinet Hardware

Approximate Cost for Phase 2: $1,770

Open Shelves: ~$300
(6) Metal Shelf Brackets – $230
High Quality Lumber – TBD on species – ~$50-70

Electrician: ~$250

Paint Materials: ~$200

Cabinet Hardware: ~520
(7) Mission Bin Pull – $17/ each
(5) 6″ Large Mission Drawer Pull – $40/ each
(17) Hexagon Cabinet Knob – $11/ each

Update Lighting: ~$500
4 LED Can Light: ~$100
Glass Globe Flush Mount (Nickle Mount) – Pottery Barn: $199
Mobile Chandelier – Small – West Elm: $199
28 in White Cape May Ceiling Medallion – Home Depot: $49.97


This is 100% putting the cart before the horse, but looking at Decor pieces helps me ease into the final vision for it all.


Sometimes a few images still make it hard to see the whole vision. Here’s a few accounts I’m pulling inspiration from.

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