DIY Raised Garden Bed

Y’all it took me longer to buy all the materials than it did to built this Raised Garden Bed! Honestly, it took an hour to build a fill.

Layout. We wanted out ours to be 3 ft x 6 ft which would mean we’d need 6 boards. (4 boards for the length and 1 board for each side of the width).

Cut the Dogeared Portion off

– Buy your Materials.
– Cut the dog eared part of the fence off. Pieces of Cedar Boards are super expensive, so a great low cost option is to use Fence pickets.
– Cut Cedar Board into Supports. I chose 8″ because it would offer me the most amount of supports based off the length of the wood, but dealers choice.
– Now build it out like a box. I started with the shorter end and laid two supports down with the fence laying over the opposite way (like a cross). Use your nail gun to secure the supports and the fence.
– Keep going until you have a sturdy box you’re happy with. I found on the long ends, having 2-3 supports is more than enough.
– Lay weed fabric down ( i did two layers) and staple into the wood.
– Fill with soil. I went with a combination of Raised Bed and Vegetable Garden Specific Soil.
– Plant your Veggies and watch them grow.
– We have a ton of Bunnies in our back yard, so I will probably add some plastic chicken wire once we plant our vegetables to make sure they aren’t destroyed.

Finished Product

– Nail Gun (I borrowed my Dad’s which is attached to an air compressor)
– Nails
– Circular Saw
– Cedar Fencing (6)
– Cedar Board (1) for supports (I used 7/8 in x 2 in x 8 ft)
Weed Fabric
– Staple Gun
– Soil
– Veggies!

Cedar Fencing – 6 @ $2.48 = 14.88
Cedar Board – $4.92
Weed Fabric – $29.98 (I bought enough to do our whole backyard)
Soil – ~6 @ $8 = $48 (You could easily have bulk soil delivered for less)
Total Cost: $97.78

When buying cedar, make sure it hasn’t been treated or stained – you don’t want those chemicals getting into your veggi

If we’re successful this year, we’re going to try starting from seedlings next year!

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