Rain Barrel Dreams

It’s been a wet few days weeks here in Michigan, and I’ve been dreaming of installing a Rain Barrel (insert an earth loving GIF). I’m dreaming of having it in our backyard, tucked away behind our deck – which would still allow us to use the rain water to water our grass – are you getting as excited as I am???

Rain Barrels I’m Eyeing:

Wicker 50 Gallon Rain Barrel – Wayfair – $127.99
Canaan 50 Gallon Rain Barrel – Wayfair – $104.99
Rainwater Urn, 65 Gallon – Gardener’s Supply Company – $199.00
Rainwater Urn, 50 Gallon – Gardener’s Supply Company – $139.00
Madison 49 Gallon Rain Barrel – Home Depot – $118.00
Good Ideas 50 Gallon Bark-Textured Rain Saver – Walmart – $121.06
Athena 50 Gallon Charcoal Rain Barrel – Home Depot – $113.42

Things to Think About:

– How frequently are there problems with the pickets?
– Is it really worth the small savings we’d see in our water bill?
– How many headaches will we have (water not flowing correctly)?
– What other items would we need to successfully connect your current gutters to a Rain Barrel?
– Again, is it worth it?

If you’ve installed a rain barrel in the past, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I will be sure to take you along as we install our Rain Barrel over on Instastories!

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