Echelon Review

When Michigan started to shut down, I made the impulse purchase of an Echelon. You know I love a good deal, so when I realized that I could buy a bike for the same cost to rent a bike for 3 months from our local cycle bar, I pulled the trigger. Echelon Connect 3 was the bike I found to fit our needs.

Where to Buy .

Echelon’s Website- $1,039.98
Bed Bed and Beyond – $799.99 ( With 20% BBB Coupon – $639.99)

Bike Review.

– Allows you to use Cycling Clip-ins or regular Shoes.
– You can’t beat the price, at 1/4 the cost of the a Peloton and the product works great.
– Very easy to change the seat and handle bar settings (If multiple people in your house are using it)
– Seat is really comfortable and a little larger than some cycling bikes I’ve used in the past. Great for a spin class or standard ride.
– You have to set the bike up yourself. Not the end of the world because the Customer Service Team is great – but we had some issues with our bike which make it a little more difficult. They did send us replacement parts to help, even though we were able to fix it.
– If you use an app other than Echelon, you cannot connect your resistance and speed to the app. So when you’re taking a class and the instructor calls out “increase your resistance between 40-50”, you won’t know what your output is. However, it’s just like any Cycle Bar class, you never know what your “output” numbers are – just push yourself.

Overall Review: Very happy with the purchase. It gives you an intense cardio work out and I’m finding myself working out way more during Quarantine than I thought I would have. If you’re thinking of purchasing an indoor bike, this is a wonderful cost sensitive alternative to a Peloton. We bought a Foam Floor Mat to go under the bike and it’s helping to protect our hardwood floors – highly recommend.


I purchased a bike that didn’t come with a screen , however it does have a stand for your phone or iPad. Therefore you have an option to use either the Echelon or Peloton app for classes.

Echelon. $14.99 /month. I haven’t tried the Echelon app. Mostly due to the Peloton app being free right now and loving the instructors. I believe the app will connect you to the bike and show your output.
Peloton. $12.99/month. Currently Peloton is offering 90 days free during social distancing. Once you download you have access to all classes (live and recorded- yoga, cycling, running, cardio, HIIT, etc). The app is very intuitive and easy to use. If your wanting a 45 minute Cycle, Groove and Intermediate class- place the filters on it will show you all options. You can “Pre-load” a class prior to starting it to take away any potential buffering issues.

One thought on “Echelon Review

  1. Morning Sarah… We tried the link to learn more about the exercise bike and it is not working.

    Appreciate your posts…



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