What I’m Digging – April

March and April seemed to run together in my world – it probably doesn’t help that my new work attire stable are Lululemon Align Pants. But here’s what I’m digging for April!

  1. Lululemon Align Pants – Originally designed for Yoga, but also made perfectly to lounge while WFH all day. Honestly, I change out of my Aligns into different work out pants to actually get sweaty because I only have one pair and I’d rather sit in their Buttery-Soft goodness all day vs just an hour. Blame it on Quarantine.
  2. Curology Subscription – In late 2019 my skin took a turn for the worse, and by worse I mean it’s the worst its ever been (including going through puberty) . I’ve been using Curology and when using it religiously, I’ve found it to be the only thing that clears my skin up.
    How it works: You take a quiz based off your concerns and provide them pictures of your face. Curology sets you up with a personal provider who reviews your skin and your concerns and develops a custom skin care formula. Once your trial is up, its $19.95/month and well worth every penny.
  3. Lola Subscription – Idk about you but once I started doing research about clean beauty products I got the most freaked out about Tampons and what was in them. Lola is a small business that uses 100% Certified Organic Cotton – no toxins, dyes or synthetic fibers. You can customize your box (choosing how many Light, Regular, Super, or Super + you’d need in a month) and they will send it right to your door.

    I’ve tried a great deal of organic/natural tampons in the market and I’ve found these provide you the closest experience to a traditional tampon. It’s a great product, but they are fighting to “Tampon Tax” and partner with the non-profit “I Support the Girls”. If you’ve been thinking about making a switch, check out Lola.

    You can get 15% off your first subscription using code FIRST15
  4. Peloton App – First, their offering a free 90 day trial. Second, the classes are so good I think I’m going to drop my gym Membership and continue using the App once my trial runs out.

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