Cafe Curtain

We’ve made some quick updates to our bathroom – all that were able to be accomplished on week nights after work. If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been struggling with our bathroom – do we gut the whole thing, or make small changes to get it livable? For now, I’ve chosen the latter.

In this round of updates, we’ve removed the Shower Door (and installed a Shower Curtain) and installed a Cafe Curtain for privacy.

I couldn’t find a curtain that gave me the look I wanted, so I opted to make one.

Step by Step.
Step 5. Pinning Interfacing
Step 6. Sewing Interfacing
Step 9. Hemming the Bottom
  1. Take Measurements of your window treatment you’ll need.
  2. Pick out your fabric (I went to JoAnn’s and picked up white linen drapery fabric – that was on sale. Picked up the Drapery hooks and Drapery interfacing at the same time.
  3. Once I got home I took final measurements.
  4. Play around with the drapery interfacing to figure out which side is up. (I opened the drapery hooks to figure out how they would work)
  5. Align the bottom side of the interfacing to the top of the right side of your fabric
  6. Fold the interfacing down so back to back fabric is touching (you’re creating your top hem)
  7. Sew the hem.
  8. Hang the curtain on the rod, figure out the length you’d like the curtain to be and pin.
  9. Hem the curtain (I did a double fold to mimic the visual of the top hem).
  10. Measure the side hems and sew away.
  11. Determine how you want to use the drapery hooks – I used the finishing hooks, did two hook and then three for there after (with a empty drapery hook between)
  12. Install the curtain rod
  13. Hang the curtain back up
Step 11. Figuring out the layout of Drapery Hooks

We now have some privacy while still getting in a good bit of light.

Slip -On Drapery Hooks
Drapery Interfacing
Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod in Polished Silver – $24.99
Umbra Cappa Clip Rings Polished Silver (Set of 7) – Needed 2 – ($12.99/each) $25.98

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