What I’m Digging – February

I spent half the month of February in Europe for work. It was a great, but there is something about sleeping in your own bed that never gets old. Here are a few things that I leaned on during my travels.

Packing Cubes: Never got the hype of them, until I actually used them. For a inexpensive find, they are well worth the $19 you can find on Amazon. I used to pack in Ziplock bags to keep everything somewhat organized. Packing cubes provide the option to organize larger items and pack down to remove air – win/win. Source.

Adidas Shoes: Trying to fit in with the Europeans as much as possible. They go with absolute everything and have a great sole (to allow you hours of walking around). Source.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote: The best bag for traveling. It folds down and is easily pack-able. Once you arrive to your destination it is the perfect day bag size. Source.

Travel Converter: Simple, but having a converter that offers outlet and USB ports is game changing. It’s the little things that can make a difference, i.e. charging your phone while curling your hair. Source.

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