2020 Home Goals

Kitchen – Part 2. In 2019 we started the Kitchen Updates and there are sill some things left to do.

– Paint the Cabinets
– New Hardware
– Update Hinges to Soft Close
– Update Electrical Outlet for Stove (Covert from 220 to 110)
– Update Lighting over Sink
– Kitchen Table Face Lift. Make a New Top for the Table, Paint & Stain
– Make Drawer Pulls for Cabinets.
– Install the Plate Wall.

Kitchen After Phase 1

Backyard. Y’all – our backyard has been a sit-u- ation, the long story short is that they graded their new landscaping into our yard and we’ve been having massive flooding. I’m hoping we get this resolved this Spring so we can make improvements and finally use our backyard again.

– Fix the Fence
– Replace sod
– Determine if we need a French Drain
– Update the Landscaping (Decrease the Size of our Flower Beds)
– Fix our Front Porch Stone Work

Backyard from the Listing Photos

Basement. We put blood, sweat and tears into our Basement over the past year. In 2019 we painted our basement, but it looks like a nursery – so we need to repaint the room and spruce it up a little bit.

– Repaint Walls
– Decorate
– Make Sofa Tables for behind the couches

Master Bedroom. Some of these will be pretty easy and other are pipe dreams. Our bedroom feels like our room that is the homiest – so I can’t wait to see what these ideas do it.

– Hang the Animal Head
– Install a Bedroom door
– Install new closet doors – thinking of something similar
– Install Gallery Wall going up our stairs
– Find Art for our Stairway

Our Current Bedroom

Master Bathroom. Step 1 for any major project for me is to create a mood board, keep your eyes out for that in the next few days. While we work to figure out the design, I think there’s a few things we can do to update it.

– Remove the Glass Door and add a Shower Curtain
– Update the Bathroom Faucet
– Add a Cafe Curtain to the Window
– Paint and Extend the Linen Closet/Storage to the Ceiling.

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