What I’m Digging: December

This time of year can be draining. The weather starts to hit and you just want to curl up with a warm blanket by the fire (or Netflix fire). When the holiday’s hit, I feel a little more drained every year.

When we lived in Texas, it was great to fly home for the holidays. I had a small list of very close friends and family that I made intentions to see – the rest of the time was spent recharging with my family. Now that we’ve moved home, Vacation Days are filled with projects around the house – we have more holiday parties to attend, and life simply has gotten crazier. It is all good things – I’ve found that I need to change my approach to make sure I’m getting recharged.

This year, I’m hoping to be more intentional about spending time with loved ones.

  1. Unplugging – Attempting to loose my phone a little more – or leave it in the other room and appreciate the moments.
  2. Relaxing – It may mean cleaning the house a little more on week nights, but I want to take away as many simple excuses to not lean into this season.
  3. Schedule Fun – Sometimes it can feel so stressful and overwhelming with the million work and family parties. Schedule a date with your gal pals to make sure you’re taking care of you too.
  4. Shop Early – Shop early and don’t overthink it. I start making a list of Christmas Gift Ideas in January, keep a note on my phone and add it as people mention things they’d like. I took my long list of ideas and went wild on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get some deals on the items I knew people would love.

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