What I’m Digging: November

October was filled with Marathon Training, a crazy work schedule and celebrating friends and families birthday. November I’m focusing on self care. Here are some of the products I’m loving:

OPTI-GREENS 50: To say I’ve ate horribly since finishing marathon training is an understatement. These greens are the best I’ve tried. They contain 11 servings of vegetables, help with bloating and personally- help me to kick my afternoon sugar cravings. While this isn’t negating the Chick-Fil-A I had for lunch, it makes me feel less like a potato afterwards.

Hair Skin Nail Essentials: my skin took a beating Marathon training. I can only imagine my forehead acne issues are from wearing a hat and my chest and back are tied to sitting in my own sweat for hours at a time. I restarted taking HSN a few weeks ago and have seen a noticeably change. Insert (I’m a believer from shrek)

Cosrx Acne Pimple Patch: I have no idea how, but these Korean Pimple Patches WORK. Put them on a trouble area at night and leave it on for as long as humanly possible. They reduce the size of a pimple and remove redness.

The Home Edit: if you’ve been following along on my InstaStories, you know I’ve been going crazy organizing our house. The ladies at Home Edit and I follow the same organization philosophy, you have to edit (get rid of things) before you can organize. They have some great organization ideas and will give you some great motivation. (They’re filming their Netflix series right now and I can’t wait for it to come out)

One thought on “What I’m Digging: November

  1. So….do you really, really enjoy the greens? How did you hear about them?

    If I click on your site link…do you get credit for it?

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