Hello Fresh Review

We tried Hello Fresh, and didn’t get the hype. Now I completely understand why someone may be obsessed with it – but it wasn’t for us.

Our friend gave us a great coupon where we only had to pay $15 of three meals for 2 people. So, we thought we’d give it a try. Figured it we hate it, it’s a small investment.

Positive Thoughts:
– On a week where our lives would be very busy, this would take away planning dinner (which we my husband enjoys).
– Get’s you to try something you have never cooked before.
– Easy website to help you make your selections.

Real Thoughts:

Groceries. When the box arrived, we were less than impressed. Spice packets were slit open with a knife/scissors. Fresh produced looked sad and slightly wilted. (I really wish I would’ve taken pictures of this to show y’all)

Price. When pricing out what this would look like against our current monthly grocery bill, it was much more expensive to keep this up.

Commitment. We ordered the meals the week before and when the shipment came, we weren’t that excited or in the mood for those items. We’re self proclaimed bad at meal planning (prefer to decide a few meals at a time and grocery shop multiple times a week in smaller portions).

Recipe. I don’t know if its all of the Instagram ads I see for HelloFresh, but I assumed the recipe would be a lot easier than it was. Coming from people who cook nightly (and usually pretty complex items), the recipe’s weren’t easy to follow or were missing steps that you had to assume.

Overall Review. 3/5 The three meals we cooked were tasty- took longer than we anticipated, and the portion sizes weren’t large enough for our liking. Wouldn’t participate in a Hello Fresh or Meal Delivery service again.

If you’re looking to get into cooking and struggle to come up with week night meals – then give it a try – it could be for you.

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