Door Stops

As we dreaming of installing a glass door for our bedroom, I’ve been already thinking about the type of doorstop we will want.

Here are some I’ve been digging:

One. Royal Elephant Doorstop – $48
Two. Cast Iron Dog Doorstop – $12.99
Three. Cast Iron Doorstop, Cream Pineapple – $49
Four. Cast Iron Doorstop, Cream Fleur De Lis – $49
Five. Rope Knot Doorstop – $59
Six. Seal Doorstop – $48
Seven. Fabric Weighted Floor Stop – $28.99
Eight. Rope Knot Door Stop – $21

Not Pictured. Henry the Herringbone Fabric Floor Stop – $27.99

I am leaning towards something soft, because we like our toes. The second thing that is holding me back from a Cast Iron door stop is that I’m afraid it will ding up the door.

We shall see what we end up with- keep your eye out and let me know if you find a doorstop you think we’d like!

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