Bedroom Door Inspiration

Our home is a 1940’s bungalow, and it may sound strange – but we don’t have bedroom door. The previous owners had a dutch door installed – assuming to use as a baby/animal gate – however it doesn’t feel functional for us.

However, the need for a door is real. Let me take you through a few scenarios:
1) I’m making dinner at home alone and the smoke detector in our stairwell continuously goes off (mostly because I’m not a great cook – but you get the picture!)
2) One of us has friends over and are hanging out in our living room, you can hear every conversation if the other person is in the bedroom.
3) We leave for work at different times – it’s v hard to be quiet every morning (what if you want a smoothie?!?).

You get the picture – it’s time.

I’ve been saving up our Home Depot gift cards (I like to do this for big purchases, it makes the investment a little easier to digest) and dreaming of our bedroom door.

Before we make big investment or change in our home, I like to use the editor on my phone to draw out what it could potentially look like. (Bedroom Curtain Example)

We like how the space feels airy without having a door – therefore we’re planning to use a Clear Glass Door – options below:

Both doors have pros and cons – here’s a few I see in reviewing the information (still need to review with our in house expert, Jay):

MMI Primed Composite 10-Lite :
Pro: I like the larger Glass Panes – it feels more open.
Con: I would like to stay with a wood door.

MMI Unfinished Pine Glass 15-Lite :
Pro: 100% Pine Door
Con: I don’t love the 15 glass panes – it feels very busy for the area where it will go.

I will take y’all along for the ride on this one – as I’m sure it will come with some good stories. Have any of y’all installed a pre-hung door before?? If so I’d love to hear your stories.

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