Marathon Training

Pre-Run Energy and Hydration.
– A plain bagel (sometimes with some Almond Butter on top if I was feeling Wild)
– Enhanced hydration of either Liquid IV (Passion Fruit or Lemon Lime) or Nuun’s (Watermelon or Orange) in a water.
– Clif Bar
– Preventing Runner’s Trots by taking Imodium.

Nutrition while Running.

  • Clif Cubes Double Peanut: Is exactly like a Clif Bar, but is serrated into 4 cubes for easy consumption – filled with Almond Butter. It’s nice to break up the Gel’s with something you can chew.
  • Clif BLOKS Salted Watermelon: Eat 1-2 at a time, and use in between the miles when you are using Gel Packs.
  • Honey Stinger Gel (Acai Pomegranate, Mango Orange and Strawberry Kiwi): I’ve tried multiple different types of gels and Honey Stinger are the only product that don’t give me gut rot.
  • Honey Stinger Waffles (Caramel and Gingersnap): So tasty. They taste like a healthy version of a Stroopwafel.
  • Peter Rabbit Organic Baby Food (Mango, Banana and Orange; Banana, Mango and Kale): Baby Food has a similar nutritional statement as the Gel packets – with the only difference being Sodium. Due to the high fiber and low sodium I would not recommend eating a great deal of these on your run – I limit myself to one.
  • Tailwind Nutrition: Mix with water throughout your run.
  • SaltStick: Great thing to carry on long runs and race day. If you start cramping, take a salt pill and you’ll feel better in minutes.

Your local running store will be your best place to tryout different products.

Post Race.
– Obviously you need to stretch after any run.
– Cold Bath.


Mental Toughness. Woof. You will have runs that kick your ass and you will have runs where you think you can concur the world. Highs and Lows man.

Training Plan. I used the Nike Run Club Training Plan.
– You put in the race date and they create a tailored training plan.
– Great in app tracking.
– Free
– If you miss a run, the plan will update – sounds great in theory, however it becomes difficult to get back on track. Some weeks it would say I have to run 3 miles when I really needed to run 15.

Strava also offers a training plan in their Summit Training Pack – $6/month.
– If I had to do it again, I would try out the Strava Summit Training Pack – which would only run you $2/month.

Chafing. For any long run, make sure you are not wearing new clothes. Vaseline works wonders if you do experience it.
– Vaseline between and on top of your toes. I never tried this, but Jay swears by it.

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