What I’m Digging: October

Marathon week is upon us!! While we all have our favorite work out gear, I’m sharing some of my favorite workout gear.

  1. Nathan’s Belt Trail Mix. Gives you the best of both worlds with storage and hydration.
  2. Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew. Great for training or lounging on your couch.
  3. KT Tape. I honestly have never done research on the medical properties of KT Tape – but it works like a dream. I’ve been having some intense IT Band issues, one week I couldn’t finish 12 miles – next week I put KT Tape on and was able to knock it out with out any pain.
  4. Feetures! Socks. There is nothing like a long run with a new pair of socks, and these give you the best support. They aren’t cheap, and you wont be able to go back once you’ve worn them once – but your feet will thank you.
  5. Athleta Camo Contender Tights. Smooth like butter and actually stay up when on a long run.

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