Scope Creep and Failure

We have a linen closet that I’ve wanted to update the hardware on since the day we moved in. Thought it would be a quick change out, once I picked out the hardware. That moment is where I went wrong.

I found that DIY’ers (can I even call myself that !?!) only ever show you the super positive side of doing things themselves – and I’m here to tell you the 9180298 trips to Home Depot or 10 weeks it took us to finish something. So sit on back and listen to this funny story of insane scope creep.

  1. Realizing the previous homeowner’s holes were not 3″ apart.
  2. Once I took the cabinets off the hinges, I could see horribly they were painted.
  3. Didn’t realize how hard it was to accurately drill hardware holes.

The Process.
– Sanded the Cabinets down and painted the back side. Because if I’ve learned anything from the million of cabinet painting tutorials, this was the way to go.
– Life was going good – thought at this point I’d get them done in a weekend. Then I decided to drill the hardware holes (without the mounting kit). Hole 1 – was so close, but wasn’t the correct distance away. Hole 2 – Drilled from the back of the cabinet to the front, and the wood split – on the front side of the panel.
– I filled the holes and went to try again.
– Fast forward, I tried to redrill the holes with zero success and had to putty the holes 3 times each. (please envision the sanding that also goes into this process).
– Decided I needed a Hardware Mounting Kit.
– Use the Mounting Kit and it was a life saver. Then I realized one of the pull’s wasn’t level… so I puttied the hole.
– Finished painting the cabinets and installed.
– Couldn’t be happier with the end result – but not all “easy” projects are actually easy. Give yourself grave.

Lessons Learned:
1. The Mounting kit is a life saver and worth every penny we spent on it.
2. Always drill on the piece of wood that will be outward facing.

Cabinet Hardware Knob/Pull Mounting Kit
DAP Plastic Wood – White
Liberty 3″ Drawer Pull – Polished Nickel and Clear Acrylic Bar

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