Bedroom Curtains

It’s been a process, but I think our Bedroom may be the first room that feels “done” in our house. I’ve found that if I allow myself to live in a room and let the decor/ design grow with us, I tend to love it for a longer period of time.

The goal was functional, beautiful curtains Before making investments (or shopping and returning a bunch of products), I like to draw out what I’m envisioning on my iPhoto Editor (take a photo and “Edit” it by drawing your vision on the screen), here’s my photo below:

Curtain Rods. Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod – (2) 36 to 66 inches and (1) 66 to 120 inches
Drapery Hooks. Heavy Duty Offset Pin-On Hooks
Curtain Rings. Umbra Cappa Clip Rings
Curtains. Pottery Barn Cameron Pole – Pocket Curtains 50″ x 84″

Template using Young House Love’s Tutorial

Hanging Curtain Rod.Young House Love‘s has a great Tutorial that walks you through Hanging Multiple Curtain Rods.

Stopping a Sagging Curtain Rod. Usually you can use the middle rod holder that comes with a curtain rod assembly kit. However, for us the window frame didn’t allow for us to install it. We went through a few different ideas to fix this (buying a similar rod holder that is shorter, using the metal grinder to saw it down…)

The winning idea was wrapping plastic (Saran Wrap or the plastic that is used as packaging for your curtains) around the smaller of the two curtain rods, and then assembling it all together.

I know, I know it’s tacky- but it works!

In Progress.
Rods installed. Yet to do: Add Curtain Rings and Hem Curtains

Making 2 curtains out of 1. For the corner curtain rods, was far too tight of an area to use the full 50″ curtain. I cut a curtain in half and hemmed to make the same edge they came with originally.

Curtain Rod Hooks. The day I was hanging my curtains, Jenny Komeda showed a tutorial on her Instastories talking about how to use Drapery Hooks to make curtain rod hooks look elegant. (I’ve always struggled with Curtain Rod Rings- the gap always feels too large for the space)

Step 1. Connect your Drapery rod holder and drapery hooks, to determine at what distance you should install your Drapery hooks. For ours, it looked the best to install them at the seam, which made life easy to make sure it was level.

Step 2. Measure the distance from the Rod circle to the wall. You want to make sure the curtains wrap around and don’t have an abrupt ending. (Ours ended up being 3″)

Step 3. Install your two anchor Drapery hooks, measure 3 inches from the end of the 50” panel and install.

Step 4. Finish installing the remainder Drapery Hooks. Fold your 50” panel in half, and install one at that point. Continue doing this until you’ve installed 9 for a 50” panel. If you’d like to see a video of this, check out my InstaStories. Repeat this for as many panels as you have.

Finished Product

Y’all – it took me 2 weeks to hang the curtains. Home Improvements take time- be kind to yourself and celebrate the successes you have (and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day).

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