Ditching Cable

We finally did it. We moved to a Streaming Service as our TV Provider. I know I’m making a bigger deal of this than it may be – but I’m really excited. I’ve pulled together some details of how we made the decision to move to Sling and what you’ll need to get the party started:

*To get Network Channels, you need to purchase an Antenna

Stream Services Pros and Cons

YouTube TV
– Record with unlimited storage space (at no extra cost)
– Share with family with up to 6 accounts – 3 simultaneous streams.
– Local channels included in your YouTubeTV guide
Con: Doesn’t include NFL Network

– NFL Network
– DVR is an additional fee
– Basic Cable is a little complicated: you need an antenna and to have channels show on your guide you have to buy AirTV.

– Lowest Cost option as advertised.
– Doesn’t include NFL Network

I’ts pretty obvious that the only reason the only reason we picked Sling TV is that it includes the NFL Network. We wanted to make the transition to streaming TV as similar to our current line up on AT&T U Verse, so we’ve gone with the Orange, Blue and Sports Package. Once Football season is over, we will remove the Sports Package and save an additional $10/month.

Monthly Costs: (*Subscriptions we had prior to the transition)
Fiber WiFi: $75 *
Sling TV: $50 (Orange, Blue and Sports Packages)
Recording Services on Sling: $5
HBO Now: $14.99
Netflix: $14.99*
My Outdoor TV: $9.99 *

Total Monthly Costs: $169.97
In making the switch, we’re saving around $110/month

What You’ll Need to Make it Work

Amplified Antenna.
For our local channels, we purchased two Amplified Indoor HD Antenna. I’m sure two sounds overboard, but we have one for our living room and one for our bedroom. For the small cost, we wanted to be able to watch network TV in our bedroom as well.

Increasing WiFi Speed.
To help with the streaming quality, we upgraded to a Fiber Line for our WiFi. It is an additional cost, but the quality drastically increases.

Roku Stick.
For rooms where we don’t have a smart TV, we purchased Roku Sticks to stream TV. Sling is currently offering a promotion if you sign up and pay for 2 months in advance, you receive a free Roku Stick.

You can use a Fire Stick, Roku, or any other device to stream content.

We purchased AirTV off Amazon and after reading the reviews, I was skeptic. Once we plugged the AirTV in, our Service was bad and our TV kept cutting out. So we ditched AirTV and connected our Antenna directly to our TV.

What Steaming Service should you use? This will vary by house and what you like to watch. Write down the channels you like and make sure the Streaming Service supports those, or you have a way of watching what you want through another app.

You can do it!!

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