Oyster Garland

Pinterest can be a blessing or a curse. I’ve always tried look at it as a blessing and a source of inspiration. For our wedding Head Table, I wanted to add some depth to the Captain’s Table and tie all the different center pieces together, we had three- candles, flowers and oyster balls.


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My inspiration led me to creating an Oyster Garland. The end goal was to create something beautiful, but that would also be easily set out by our venue. You don’t want to turn your DIY project into something you’re working on the morning of your wedding.


Step 1. Measure Twice.
1) Measure the length of your head table. (If you’re doing a Captain’s Table it will be 16″ – two 8″ tables together)
2) How many bouquets will you have on your table? We had seven (six bridesmaids and a bridal bouquet).

With our table and bouquets, we needed 8 pieces of garland to be placed in between each vase (the bouquets will be placed in the vases).

Step 2. Dream up your vision. Think about what you want your end product to look like and what products you would need to get there.
– I took a few strolls through Home Depot and decided on Burlap and different thicknesses of Jute rope.
– 3ft x 24ft Natural Burlap Landscape Fabric – $10.98
– Rope: ~$25.00
Manila Twist Rope in 2 different sizes
Twisted Sisal Rope Twine, Natural – $2.57
– Leftover Oysters
– Tile Drill Bit – $10.47
Rust-Oleum Clear Lacquer Spray Paint – $4.18
– Total Cost: ~$53.20

Step 3. Cut Burlap to 20 inches, and roll it up like a fruit roll-up until you get to your desired thickness.

Step 4. Pick your rope thickness and wrap it around your burlap fruit roll-up to start giving the garland texture.
– Tab a hot glue on the edges to attach the Rope to the burlap. I found it was helpful to tie twine around the garland to keep it in place.
– You’re going to want a friend to help here. Grab a different rope thickness and wrap it around the burlap to give it even more texture.

Step 5. Drill holes into your Oysters, using a diamond or tile drill-bit.

Step 6. Use Jute twine to tie the Oysters onto the “garland” you’ve made.

Step 7. Spray Oysters with Clear Shellac to give it a finished look.

This was easy for our venue to place on the head table. Our florist added the greenery elements and it turned into a really pretty visual element to fill the table.

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