Changing Your Name

Ayi ayi ayi, you got married and you want to change your name – I went through a few headache’s during the process so hopefully the below tips will help!

Step 1. Check this website to see the process for your state.

Step 2. Request copies of your marriage license via the Vital Records Office. Depending on your time constrains, you can have them sent via mail.

I had heard horror stories of how many copies people needed in the past, so I ordered 5. Overkill- yes, but have you met me??

Step 3. Take a week off work. Okay that’s an exertion, but this one isn’t a quick process.

Legally Changing your Name

Social Security Card. This will be your first step in changing your name. You need to fill out the Application and bring it with you. You cannot get in line On-line at our local Office, so suggest getting there when they open.

Documents to Bring: Completed application, Social Security Card, Passport, Marriage License, Driver’s License.
– To learn what documents you will need to bring with you, check out the Social Security’s Website.

Drivers License. The social security office will provide you with a document stating your Social Security Number with your new name. Highly suggest making an appointment on-line prior to going – it will save you.

Documents to Bring: Paper from Social Security Card, Passport, Driver’s License, and Marriage Certificate.
– To validate the documents you would need, check the Secretary of State’s Website

Passport. Depending on when you last renewed your passport will determine the next steps – which you can find here. Let’s assume you are requesting the change more than one year after your passport was issued, you need to mail the following: Form DS-82, your most recent U.S. Passport, Marriage Certificate, Color Passport Photo, and Fees.

Vehicle Registration. Congrats! You don’t have to change your name on your Vehicle Registration. (You’re welcome – I just waiting in line at the Secretary of State Office to figure this out…)

Changing Your Name (Everywhere Else)

Credit Cards. I have Capital One and found this to be the easiest process of them all. Call Customer Service and it should go quick (fingers crossed – 10 minutes or less).

Bank: Depending on your bank, you may only need your marriage certificate. It doesn’t hurt to call to figure out the process before hand. Note: if you’re wedding checks are made out to Bride & Grooms names you may not be able to cash a check until your name has been changed.

In the day and age of mobile bank deposits, I don’t think this rule applies too much. However, try writing wedding gift checks, address “To” line to read “Groom or Bride (Maiden Name)” – it will make their lives much easier.

Home Insurance. Emailed our Home Insurance Agent our Marriage certificate so that I could be included on our policy (and stop paying renters insurance).

Auto Insurance. Emailed my Auto Insurance Agent our Marriage Certificate. Thought that would be the end of it, however they required my husband’s drivers license number and information to include him on my policy. Seems very strange to me since we’ve been living together for 3 years at that time.

Frequent Flier Miles. Contact each airline’s customer service team and provide them with your Marriage License. It may take a short period of time to go into effect, however it should be a smooth process. I have a few friends who experienced difficulties with this if they made their maiden name their middle name.

Utility Bills. This was strangely difficult. I had to call customer service and submit my marriage license to change the name on our Utility Bills. Feels like it should be easier than that.

Work Email. I had to wait until I received my new Social Security Card for my work email and heath care to be updated. For a year or so after we got married, I kept my signature as Sarah (Chandonnet) Elsea to make the transition easier for others.

Business cards. Something small, but don’t forget it!

Good Luck!!!

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