Wedding Details

I’ve always felt that the little details are those that make your wedding day special. Sharing some of the details we had throughout our wedding to make things feel special.

Snapchat filter. You can purchase a custom Snapchat Filter on Etsy. It’s really easy to upload to Snapchat too! Now if only Instagram would do the same for Instastories. 🙂

Something Old.
– Erik wore his paternal Grandfathers watch
– My mother-in-law gifted me with the garter she wore on her wedding day

Something Blue. My paternal Grandma (Nana) dawned a blue dress when she married my Papa. It was the most beautiful gown. While Blue wasn’t the look I was going for, she had previous gloves she wore that day. I used the gloves and had our florist wrap them my bouquet.

Dude’s socks. The Stafford Perry’s logo is a Pineapple, and you can see the fruit all over the grounds. The guys all wore Pineapple socks from the Tie Bar.

Handkerchief. I hand embroidered handkercheif’s for Erik, and our parents as a gift on our wedding day.

Bridesmaids Earrings. Living in Texas, I fell in love with Kendra Scott. Our bridesmaid’s earrings were Mother of Pearl (in different styles and sizes) to tie in the Oyster Balls.

Hand Cancelling Wedding Invites. When mailing your invitations, check out if your U.S.P.S. offers hand cancelling services. (Hand cancelling is where the Post Office will hand stamp and sort the invites so that they don’t go through the machines – this helps to make sure they arrive to your guests without being torn up) This may take a little bit of time, or the Post Office may ask you to do it – but its well worth it.

Return Address. I purchased an embosser and stamp with our return address information on it. The stamp says “Sarah & Erik” while the embosser says “the Elseas”. We used the Stamp for our Save the Dates and the Embosser for our Invites. It was a nice touch and we still use both today.

Photographer. Dan Stewart Photography

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