Bridesmaids Dresses

The dreaded bridesmaid dress. As a maid, you never know if you’ll be forced to wear a dress with a bow on the butt, or something stunning. I feel very thankful that my experience has been the latter (100% stunning – if I say so myself).

I’ve had the pleasure of standing up for a great deal of my friends on their big day. Today I’m sharing some tips I used when picking out bridesmaid dresses and some of my favorite dresses I’ve worn throughout the years:

But seriously. Being a bride, you can take this situation in such different directions: everyone buy a similar dress in the same color, same designer/same fabric different style, long or short, ombre of colors, or everyone in the same dress – you name itttt.

Picking out a dress that looks good on 4-8 of your closest friends (with very different body types – while sticking with a style you have in mind) isn’t an easy task.

Things to keep in mind when picking out bridesmaids dresses:
Body Type: Most of all, you want your friends to feel beautiful. If your best friend just had a baby, maybe stay away from a dress that is less forgiving.
Pricing: Your bridesmaids are spending a solid amount of money to celebrate you and your husband, so its great to keep in mind the bridesmaids dress cost. If purchasing from a bridal salon, it’s always great to ask if they offer a discount.
Comfort: It is a L-O-N-G day, pick a dress that you’d want to wear.
Style: The bridesmaid dresses should compliment the style of the wedding. My view is that the bridal party can set the tone for the wedding attire, and that they should always air on the side of more formal – which is why I love long dresses.

Here’s some of my favorite dresses over the years:

David’s Bridal – Long Mesh Dress

Bridesmaid Dress Links:
BHLDN – Fleur
David’s Bridal – Long Mess Dress
Hayley Paige – Style 5714
Bill Levkoff – Style 7021
Bill Levkoff – Style 7017

Do you have a favorite bridesmaids dress?

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