Fiddle Leaf Figs

I’ve bought into the trend lifestyle of having plants fill your home. Since I don’t have faith in my green thumb (and we like to keep our bedroom windows shut)– we decided to go with a Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree.

I’ve been holding off buying a Fiddle Leaf due to the high price tag -until one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Loves Julia, introduced me to the $58 beauty from QVC. If you’re new to QVC use the Code: TEN4U to get $10 off your first order.

I had been keeping my eye on this basket from World Market. I snagged it on sale (20% off) and had $10 off in World Market Rewards – so pretty much free.

The fig will be delivered in a v small box, so you will need to bend the leaves to make it look realistic. Keep bending the leaves until it starts to look how you want it to.

Most people use blankets or fake moss to hold the tree in place. I wanted something to blend in with the basket itself – so I flipped Paper Grocery Bags inside out and scrunched them around the trunk of the tree. Saying this out loud, it sounds little trashy – but I think it looks pretty great.

Other Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Options:
World Market – $129.99
Pottery Barn – $199.00
Target – $151.99
Target – $99.99

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Hyacinth Margaux Tote Basket, Small

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