How to Design your Own Menu and Programs

I spent a lot of time with Minted building out our wedding invitations and felt that I could handle our paper suite as a DIY project. I wanted them to compliment the invitation suite, but not be too matchy-matchy.

Step 1. I played around with some water color paints I had at the house – and painted a simple line (in a similar color to our invitations).

Step 2. Used a color photo scanner to scan the painting onto my computer. I opened the PDF, copied the image and pasted into Word (Microsoft Word that is). From here on out will only be poor man’s editing – so bear with me.

Step 3. Minted shows the name of the fonts that they use on your Wedding Invitations. I was able to find the exact fonts through various Google Searches.  Purchased the two fonts that were used for a total of $10. Install the fonts on your computer (the site you purchase the fonts from should have very simple instructions).

Step 4. Start Designing. I used Minted as a guide to see various templates for Menus and Programs.
– Find a design you like
– Type out the Various Courses (Menu) or Ceremony Details (Programs)
– Start playing around with the spacing and formatting.

Step 5. Finalize the design and convert to a PDF.

Step 6. Utilize a local printing company (Staples) and print on a heavy card-stock.  Important to ask whoever is helping you to print a test copy to make sure the coloring is what you were expecting. (It was trial and error to make sure the correct color came through on my final copy)

Step 7. Cut your Menu and/or Program in ½ (if you set yours up in a similar fashion) and voila – you’re done. 

Menu // Photo: © Dan Stewart Photography

DIY Cost:
Menu and Program Total: $295

Minted Cost:
Menu: 185 x 1.96 = $363
Programs: 185 x $1.30 = $240
Total: $603

Total Savings: $308

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