Painting Tips

Where to Start. Prepping is always the place to start. Once you’re ready to Picasso your way through a room, always start with your trim.

To tape or not to tape. I always try to get away without taping (I cannot stand how long it takes to tape a room off)  – Unless I am painting trim, then I think it is very much worth the 20 minutes up front to save you in the long run.

The Process. Trim should be painted first, then paint your walls. A lot of people caulk their painters tape – to keep the tape from bleeding and allowing for a straight line.

Protecting the Floors. My level of psycho-ness on this topic is directly related to the surface that I’m working with.  If the room I’m painting has hardwood floors, I use an old sheet and bring it around the room with me. I fold the sheet twice hotdog way (or the long way for mature adults) to give it a little cushion.  That way when paint does spill, it doesn’t seep through onto the wood floors.

If I’m working with carpet, it is a whole different story.  I like to lay out multiple sheets and/or tarps to cover the perimeter of the room. I would much rather be safe than sorry.

Paint Drips. I really try to be careful and get the least amount of paint on the floor as possible. However, it does happen.  Hardwoods – if you catch it, simply wipe it up before it dries.  If you find it after its already dried, you can usually use your finger nail to scrape the paint off.  

Paint on Carpet. Clean it up when it drops immediately. Wet a paper towel and blot the area. If the paint has dried,use hot water and a little bit of dish soap to soak the stain. Once the paint softens, use a knife (or your finger nail) to scrape the stain. Hopefully it’s just a small drop and it wont take too much to clean.

Painting Ceilings. Ceilings are NOT my jam. I will cut in and manage all the prep work but rolling it – I call in the big guns (a la Erik or my Dad).  I hate to use these words, but I think it has to do with my strength, or lack thereof that makes painting so hard for me.  Until I get the strength of Arnold – I’ll keep calling in reinforcements.

Favorite Materials.
Purdy Clearcut Guide Paint Brushes
Purdy White Dove Roller
Frog Tape

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