Wedding Invite Suite

We made the decision to use Minted for our Wedding Invite Suite after looking into all the options (Local Designer, Paper Source, Designing them from scratch and Minted). I’ve used Minted before – for Christmas Cards, Baby Showers and Save the Dates – so I knew that I loved their quality.

I found a few designs that I liked, but weren’t in love with – so we turned to Minted’s “Everyday Design Customization” Services.

Here’s the designs I picked out:

Once you’ve chosen your inspiration, you’ll go through the following steps:

Step 1. Phone call with a consultant to talk through what you want. We wanted our invite to feel cohesive, but not that each paper item was the exact same.
Things we asked our consultant change/update:
1) Invite: Remove the S|G from the top
2) Invite: Update the color of the watercolor swatch to fit our color scheme.
3) Reception Card: Change the watercolor swatch from vertical to horizontal
4) Reception Card: Add verbiage to direct our guests to the website.
5) RSVP Card: Update the “Swatch” RSVP with the splatter shown in the “Tide” example.
6) RSVP Card: Add verbiage of ” We’ve reserved ___ seats in your honor” to confirm for guests how many people were invited to the wedding.

Step 2. Your consultant will update the invite suite with the changes you request. You will get an email from your consultant when your pdf (with updates) are available.

Step 3. Review the changes and assure everything is correct. They will provide as many invite revisions as you need, so don’t be shy- make sure you’re invite is exactly what you want.

Step 4. Minted will save the design and add to your cart

Step 5. (Once you’re ready) Purchase!

Our Wedding Invite
Invite: Minted // Photographer: Dan Stewart Photography

The Minted Difference:
– Free Recipient Addressing (saves you on your calligraphy and overall invite budget)
– Wedding Design Services: Minted offers three options –
1) Everyday Design Customization (Free)
2) Custom Invitation Design ($100)
3) End-to-End Wedding Design ($250)

Inspiration Photos:
Single SwatchInvitation, Reception, RSVP
Tide Foil Invitation, RSVP

What route did you take with your wedding invites?

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