Picture Ledge

Looking for a quick This Picture Ledge is inexpensive and quick weekend project. We My dad made these shelves using this guide.

When building this, always use Common Board (4″ board & 2″ board). The first time we made this ledge I purchased Cherry Board and woof – it didn’t turn out great. (cherry is a very strong wood and difficult to nail – even with a nail gun).

After our Cherry wood incident of 2016, Jay made two ledges – one with Common Board (hung in our living room) and the Cherry Ledge.

For the past two years the Cherry Ledge has been sitting in our basement for a reasons – 1) I’ve realized I don’t like the look of Cherry. 2) I have some strange design quirks, one of them being that I don’t like to repeat a design ideas in an area that people would continuously see when walking into your house.

This weekend I realized the picture ledge would go great in our office, so I painted it white.

Step 1. Sand it down
Step 2. Wipe it down with a tack cloth to remove saw dust.
Step 3. Primer. I used left over Kiehs that we had for our dining room project (more to come on that!)
Step 4. Paint. Two Coats. I used our Baseboard paint to give the visual that it is apart of the trim (it was the most amount of white paint that I had on hand – with the glossy finish I didn’t need to apply polyurethane)
Step 5. Pre-drill holes
Step 6. Hang that bad boy
Step 7. Style it 🙂

To attach it to the wall, we originally used nails and hung it like a picture. After a year of it being hung, we used screws to drill it directly into the studs.

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