Top 9 Podcasts

I spend a lot of time in the car (my commute is an hour each way). To pass the time, I’ve leaned on podcasts and it’s safe to say I’ve become addicted.

Here’s a look into my Top 9 Podcasts:

  1. Armchair Expert: A podcast that celebrates the messiness of being human.

    Why I love it: Dax Shepard and Monica Padman take “interviewing celebrities” to a grounded level. They make everyone feel relatable, you leave the conversation finding out about how each individual’s life events made them into the human they are today. It is entertaining, witty, and insightful (if only to learn a few Michigan facts from Dax).

  2. The Daily: Diving deep into the Daily Current events that are effecting the World, in 30 minutes or less.

    Why I love it: Keeping up with the global news is tough. I’ve found the Daily to be the first podcast I turn to start my day.

  3. How I Built This: Weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists – and the movements they built.

    Why I love it: How I built this is usually my early morning pump up on my way into work. It’s great to get into the minds of entrepreneurs to better understand their path to success.

  4. Modern Love: Features top actors performing true stories of love, loss and redemption.

    Why I love it: The world can sometimes be a scary and sad place. When I need a good pick-me-up, I turn on Modern Love. Famous individuals read real life love stories.

  5. Crime Junkie: Weekly podcast dedicated to giving you a true crime fix.

    Why I love it: I am unhealthly obsessed with Crime, a la Crime Junkie. Ashley and Brit will walk you through different Criminal cases that will leave you wanting security cameras in your home and to create an “If I go missing folder”.

  6. Serial: Serial unfolds one story – a true story – over the course of a whole season.

    Why I love it: An oldie but a goodie. Season 1 came out in 2014 with the story of Adnan Syed. This was the first podcast I ever listened to and it got me hooked. The suspense and storytelling is one for the ages.

  7. S Town: A mystery/suspense podcast about small town Alabama and a family who’s son has allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder.

    Why I love it: Truth be told, I’ve listened to this podcast twice. It’s a quick listen (7 – 45-60 min episodes — I’m telling you, I drive FAR) and so well done, you will want to listen to it more than once. I don’t want to give anything away – just take it for a spin if you like a little mystery.

  8. Slow Burn: Excavates the strange subpolts and forgotten characters of recent political history – and finds surprising parallels to the present. Season 1 captured what it was like to live through Watergate; Season 2 does the same with the saga of Bill Clinton’s Impeachment.

    Why I love it: Both seasons take you through two very important pieces of American History, that either wasn’t alive for or was far too little to remember details.

  9. Cold: An investigative podcast and deep-dive into the 2009 disappearance of a Utah woman, Susan Powell.

    Why I love it: This one will wake you up in the morning, suspenseful. The life of Susan Powell is so fascinating and yet devastating all at once. KSL narrates the story very well and you wont be disappointed with the 18 episodes.

What are your favorite podcasts that are missing from my list?!?

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