Kitchen Reveal – Phase 1

This kitchen project is one that we’ve been talking about since we moved in (2016) and we couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

Our goal in home renovation is to take on larger projects in the winter so that we can enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer while it lasts. To help us not feel too overwhelmed by the tasks, we broke our kitchen project into two phases. A la we’re sharing Phase 1 reveal with you today!

It’s always good to remind you where we started from, so check out the before:


Recap of what we’ve accomplished:
1. Installed a gas line
2. Purchased new appliances
3. Removed 4″ Backsplash
4. Raised the Upper Cabinets 3″
5. Tiled the Backsplash

When you break it down into 5 things, it feels so small. But they’ve made such a difference.

Without further ado, the Kitchen Reveal- Phase 1:

What’s next in the Kitchen:
1. Hire an electrician to remove 220 volt outlet and add a 120 volt for the range.
2. Update Hardware
3. Paint the Cabinets
4. Update hinges and pulls to soft close
5. Purchase a cabinet front for where one is missing
6. Update Lighting

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