House Plants

I love gardening (or as it’s know at our house “yardbirding”), sadly I don’t have the greenest thumb – but I realize our house needs more green in it. The idea of a house plant has always felt super daunting. After a little research (figuring out which plant was the hardest to kill) I settled on the Sansevieria or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”.

I snagged this Ceramic Sevilla Planter back in the fall when World Market was having a sale.

Since this is going to be an indoor planter, I didn’t want to keep the drainage holes. First, I filled the holes with caulk. Once that dried, I sprayed the inside of the planter with Flex Seal Clear Spray.

English Gardens, a local nursery, was having 20% off all Indoor Plants this weekend – so it was perfect timing! I followed the instructions on the plant and got that bad boy in some soil (I’m telling you, I’m miserable with house plants).

Fingers crossed we can keep this one alive! What house plants are y’all’s favorite??

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