Updating Light Switches

Lately, I’ve been really into updating our outlets and light switches from the various colors (black and cream) to white. It’s such a quick project, once you get the hang of it, it should only take 5 minutes to change each one out.


Step 1. Turn the power off in the area where you will be working from the main fuse panel.
– Confirm the power is off by using a voltage tester.
Step 2. Remove the face-plate.
Step 3. Unscrew the light switch.

Step 4. Pull the switch out, leaving the wires attached.
– Take note to see where the wires are attached on the switch you’re replacing.
Step 5. Unscrew the wires from the switch you’re replacing.
Step 6. Grab the switch you’ll be installing.
Step 7. Use needle nose pliers to open the wires up so you can connect to the corresponding placement (the wire placement you needed to remember from earlier)
Step 8. Using the same pliers, tighten the wire around the screw.

Step 9. Screw the wire down so it’s tight.
Step 10. Repeat the process until all wires are attached.
Step 11. Push the switch back into the wall.
Step 12. Screw the switch into place.
Step 13. Screw in the new face plate
Step 14. Turn the electricity back on and enjoy your pretty new switch.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out For Dummies video on “How to Replace a Standard Electrical Outlet for Dummies”. This instruction can also be used for outlets!

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