Tile Prep

You know what’s the worst? Spending days on a project to have a huge mess to clean up when you’re done.

Use painters tape to tape off the edge of your counter tops – aim to adhere the tape the width of your tile away from the wall. So, if your tile is 1/8″ thick put the tape down an 1/8″ away from the wall. This will help speed up clean up.

Take the tape off while the thin-set is still drying. Something I wish would’ve done. (Photo Missing: Me using a utility knife to scrape tape off….)

Use Drop Cloths/Sheets/ whatever you can find that will work for your space to cover your counter tops. It’s a hella lot easier to shake a sheet into the trash, rather than scrub your granite. Again – trust us, we had to do both. Tape the drop cloths directly to the Painters Tape you have protecting the counter top.

Photos were taken when I was prepping to grout the tile.

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