Removing the Dreaded 4″ Backsplash

Before we could start on our cute new backsplash, we had to remove the existing 4″ backsplash.

Step 1. Run your Utility Knife on the seam between the 4″ backsplash and the counter-top.

Step 2. Use either a hammer or crow bar to pry the granite off. With a little force, it should pop off. Depending on your walls (drywall or plaster), you may damage some parts – no biggie, I’ll show you how to fix that.

Step 3. Use the Utility Knife to remove excess silicone adhesive.

Remember I said you could have some damage?? Take a look at the damage we had on our hands.

Massive cracks in the plaster wall

Step 4. Used Henry Premixed Patch n’ Level to even out the cracks. To apply, use a Trowel and apply like you’re icing a cake – with the goal to be having the patch level with the plaster wall. Now you’re ready to tile away.

After the Patch and Level dried

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