Raise ’em up

As we started to layout our backsplash, I got the crazy idea to raise our upper cabinets. I’m sure you’re thinking “Huh? What the heck? Have you lost your mind?”. Wait until you see the before and afters.

In the 90’s, the standard cabinet height was 18″ over the counter top. Modern kitchens, cabinets are hung 19-21″. To any of you who say an inch doesn’t make a difference, come on over to our house.


In Progress.
Step 1. Figure out how the cabinets were hung and what we would need to do to take them down.
Step 2. Build a ledge to rest the cabinets on. We used this to help take some of the stress off us and the cabinets when taking them down and putting them back up.

Step 3. Cut the electricity to the kitchen. I have no desire to get electrocuted again One day I’ll fill y’all in on my European Electrical Fiasco.
Step 4. Uninstall the Microwave
Step 5. Remove the Cabinets. The ledge Jay made came in handy here.
– Place ledge under the cabinet
– Unscrew what was holding the cabinets up
– Rest Cabinets on ledge
– Slowly (and carefully) move the cabinet to the floor
Step 6. Cut a piece of wood the height you’d like the cabinet to be and screw onto the ledge. In the photo above, you can see the two different pieces. Now is the time to play around with the height to make sure it works for you.
Step 7. Install Cabinets.
– Place ledge on the counter top where the cabinets would be installed.
– Carefully lift cabinets onto ledge
– Make sure the Cabinets are level (Vertically and Horizontally)
– Screw the cabinets back into the wall.
Step 8. Wait for my mom to come over with the Jig Saw. (I’m telling you, we need our parents for 93% of these projects)
Step 9. Cut a new hole in the cabinet over the range for the Microwave outlet.
Step 10. Sit back and enjoy how beautifully open your kitchen looks.

After. Wooweee we’re done! We raised these bad boys up 3 inches and loveee it. In total the project cost $0 and took 2.5 hours to complete.

After (Plus a little tile progress)

Y’all, I have a track record of making projects more difficult. But I think this one is justified. LOOK AT THAT COUNTER SPACE!!!!

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