Kitchen Appliances

Y’all – we’ve been living with our 1993 appliances for 2.5 years too long. We reached our breaking point and are now owners of these bad boys.

Budget Savers:
Installation Fee: We went into Lowe’s to talk to the appliance dudes to make sure we were ordering the correct items and that they’d fit in our space. So glad we did, they let us know we wouldn’t need to pay for installation for the Refrigerator and Range – saving us over $200.

10% Off Coupon: I’ve heard bloggers talk about buying 10% off coupons for Lowe’s (and Home Depot) but I’ve been a skeptic. With this being a large purchase, I went to Ebay and bought a 10% off coupon for under $2 – saving us over $500.

Rebates: Lowe’s and Bosch were offering multiple rebates – check to see what is available at the time of purchase.

Gas Range
French Door Refrigerator

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