2019 Home Goals

We have four big (huge) projects that we want to tackle in 2019! The best before photos we have are from the listing – circa 2016, enjoyyy.

1. The Kitchen. Right about now I’m questioning how it took us two years to put the kitchen on our goals.. but here she is. I am no where near the chef of our household – but I am oh so excited to get rid of our 90s appliances (they’ve gotta be classified as Vintage now – right??). We have high ambitions with this one, fingers crossed we can get them all done this year!
– New Appliances
– Spruce up our Kitchen Cabinets – Either paint or purchase new
– Raising the Cabinets a few inches (?)
– Install a Backsplash
– Fresh Coat of Paint

Our Kitchen

2. The Basement. For the past two years our basement has served as a storage/catch all space for us. We’re finally taking the leap to make this a cozy little space to entertain.
– Remove the Drop Ceiling
– Update Lighting
– Paint the walls and ceiling
– Decorate

3. The Guest Bedroom. All things considered, this one should be easy.
– Fresh Paint
– Change out light switches
– Decorate

4. The Office. The office needs some elbow grease and a lot of love. It’s a room that thankfully only gets traction by Erik and I. It’s a simple room that has a cracking plaster wall and the idea of contacting contractors is the most daunting task.
– Find a contractor to fix the plaster
– Fresh Paint
– Change out light switches
– Decorate

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